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Practice and Perfect your Android Development Skills

Practice and Perfect your Android Development Skills The saying "practice makes perfect" goes no further than the truth. Skills are honed by spending hours of practice so that you get better in your craft. Soccer players do drills. Musicians play scales. Coders copy and paste… Forgetting to Practice Sometimes as a developer you forget that you actually do have to put in the hours. It's really tempting to simply knuckle down and keep forging ahead on work or your pet project. Create a nice dashboard Optimize your splash page to load up faster  Add Lottie animations ... ... All of these activities are not bad. In fact, they are really good for exposing yourself to new problems all the time. These tasks train you for encountering the unknown and you gain very good skills from doing these as well. Researching quickly Googl-ing the right things Integrating it with your existing environment Work is NOT Practice! However, there are some things we can get better at by doing th

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